How to order.

First, find the cartoon you would like to purchase.

You can do this by browsing through the CATAGORIES  on the right hand column, which will present to you cartoons of a similar theme.

Clicking onto the Big Pictures and Mini Pictures categories will take you to a new page showing the different sub-category for each of these different products.

Click on any of the icons on the subcategory page and you will see all the cartoons we offer in that subcategory. From there, simply click on any image of the picture you want to see/order and it will show you the full picture.

Often we offer different versions of a cartoon.  These may be for example if a male, female or couple are required for the picture, all of which can be selected via an option drop down box. After you select the cartoon, then select the product you want to order.

If you are ordering a personalised cartoon BIG PICTURE, you will need to select a MOUNT COLOUR and a PRESENTATION OPTION (mounted, framed or mousemat)  You can do this be using the drop down box that will show all of the possible mount colours. Remember mousemats do not require a mount.

If you are ordering a MINI PICTURE, you need to select if you require a fridge magnet, small  ‘L’ shaped acrylic, Key ring, Large ‘L’ shaped Acrylic or framed, the latter two will also require you to select a mount colour.

Make sure you provide all the personalisation info we need to complete your cartoon.  Be sure to let us know the gender of the character when asked particually of the name could be a unisex name, such as Kim

If you want Dark Skin on a character just type (DS) after the name you give for the personalization.

Please please double-check the spelling before you click the “Add to your order” button.

Keep shopping or fill out the payment and delivery info and submit the order. You will get a confirmation by email (check your SPAM folder if you don’t get one!)

Before you know it, you will have an fantastic personalised cartoon delivered via 1st class post.  It is that simple.

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